Welcome to 67P…


This site is where I will be posting pictures processed from images taken by the European Space Agency’s ROSETTA probe, which is currently studying Comet 67/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.

These are almost crops from images taken by ROSETTA’s NAVCAM navigation camera, which have been enhanced in various ways using various image processing programs and websites. The aim is to isolate and highlight features and structures on the limb of the comet to create views which show what you might see if you flew over – or even stood on the surface of – the nucleus.


So, to be absolutely clear, the images here are not presented as or intended to be scientifically accurate or even useful; they are simply – in the absence of the beautiful OSIRIS images we were all promised but are being held back by the OSIRIS team – my own “artistic takes” on the ROSETTA images, created for my own Outreach work and designed to show the beauty and dramatic nature of the comet. I hope you enjoy them!

Stuart Atkinson

Read my blog posts about the ROSETTA mission here… https://cumbriansky.wordpress.com/


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